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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about Interstate bus rentals services, prices, vehicles or want to know more about how we can save your company valuable cash by renting feel free to give us a call or complete the Quick Quote Form.

How long does it take to get a bus on site after my order is placed?

Generally the vehicle can be on site the same day ordered.we need a COI in place to cover the bus while it rented by your company

Are taxes included?

There is a 10 % motor vehicle tax in addition to the rental rate

What is the shortest rental period?

1 Month

What geographic locations do you service?

Throughout the whole United States.

What if I damage a bus from job related work?

Minor dings and scratches are charged on our job/site buses

How far can I drive the rental vehicle?

buses can be driven anywhere in the plant or jobsite if we are notified. buses need to be within our service area unless prior agreements have been made.

What if bus needs repair on site?

We bring you a temporary bus or fix the bus onsite.

Can I purchase the bus?

Our rental vehicles are generally not for sale, but you can always ask.

Can I put my company logo on the bus?

Yes, as long as its removable.

For Additional questions, please give us a call.