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Transportation Services

Interstate bus rentals offer man to maintain services for your employee jobsite keeping your employees and contractors safe and on time. Efficient logistics increases jobsite time and saves you from managing the regulations and liabilities of transporting your workforce. Our centralized approach improves safety, increases efficiency, and helps to eliminate management issues related to multiple contractors providing their own transportation.

Employee and Personnel Busing

Air conditioned and non-air conditioned passenger buses

Shuttle buses

Passenger vans

Bus and passenger van rental

Bus Rental Services

interstate bus rentals has expanded its bus rental offering with a third  location in alice and kingsville tx . This addition to our fleet while be able to serve every transportation need in the industrial market. For customers that need to transport a small crew of their own workforce to and from a job site, Interstate bus rentals provide a cost-effective, DOT compliant solution for your employee job site

Man-to-Maintain Service

Man-to-Maintain service is shut down or outage transportation that is primarily provided to industrial refineries. It may be a planned or last minute contractor shuttle service. It often includes inter-refinery routes, work crew shuttling, or parking lot to gate transit. Interstate Bus Rentals can provide one or all of these services as well as additional manpower for mid-day tasks such as fire and hole watch. We understand the importance of turnarounds and shut downs and know that there is a lot more to an industrial project than just equipment. We know that each project requires a great deal of planning in the areas of manpower and materials. The contractor transportation we provide is comprehensive. We supply the vehicles, maintenance to the vehicles, certified drivers, and driver supervision so that our clients can concentrate on the management and efficiency of their project. We strive to make our customers lives easier by supplying well serviced equipment and qualified, reliable support.


Man-to-Maintain Maintain

A newly emerging service born from the regulation changes as a result of 911, Homeland Security increased the requirements on drivers in high exposure, high risk locations. In accordance with these new standards for safety, our drivers are now registered with Homeland Security. This stringent and extensive background check includes:


  • *an updated check of Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) every six (6) months, 

  • *pre-employment Urine Analysis (UA’s) for alcohol and drugs, 

  • *and an annual Department of Transportation (DOT) physical. 


Additionally, all of our drivers are issued Transportation Workers Identification Cards (TWIC). We are registered with the DISA, Inc. who perform our hair follicle testing when such tests are required. We perform random UA’s on 10% of our drivers per month as required by US DOT. All drivers employed by Interstate Bus Rentals attend mandatory weekly safety meetings. Each driver is sent to local area safety councils for basic and site specific training prior to their first day of driving.